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Escalation Service

Escalation Service

Your business has a team or just one engineer on-site ready to solve standard user issues and usually have a good knowledge of the line of business systems you have. But, it’s difficult and costly to maintain an escalation point for them in-house. Let us do all the escalated support.

You then have access to a team of resource who can assist your in-house team in managing the technology systems.

We will use your incident logging system to keep it seamless for end-users or even implement one for you. Equally we are happy to keep all our ticketing on our own system.

Pricing is simple per user per month and just like our standard service desk offering, includes full periodic reporting on usage and performance. All as an operating expense with no HR to worry about.

Want to buy the escalation service online?

We believe we are the only provider to offer a full signup online and what’s better is, we’ll onboard you free of charge.